Thursday, 3 November 2011

Grammar and punctuation

Grammar and punctuation are important. Fair or not, people make assumptions about your intelligence and capabilities based on how you write. No one will praise you for using correct grammar and punctuation but, rest assured, your mistakes will be criticised.

Most of us know when something looks wrong, but we often cannot explain why. It could be said that we use punctuation by instinct rather than by rule. But there ARE rules…

We are going to design and print a rule book and each of you will design one page. Each page will explain and illustrate or demonstrate a grammatical or punctuation issue. When completed you will each receive a copy of the completed book to use as a reference.

Last year I had to redesign a film poster for THX 1138. the film is about the 'modern world' he is controlled by the government. Here is my representation of the film i created the text by tracing over newspaper because it was suitable for the design.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


During my time off, I began making cakes i have always been good at doing big sponges, then i had an idea of using art in the cakes i made so here are a few designs that i have made. (photos taken on ipod, used instagram app to create the affect).

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cheeming Boey

CUP ARTIST. I really admire this work because it takes time and patience. there is such precision in all of the lines if one goes wrong then it changes the whole look of the illustration.

Monday, 30 May 2011

new york project

this is my final piece for american work instead of taking photos i decided to take a video

Thursday, 12 May 2011

zine cover

Monique Jivram


i am now obsessed with this project! which is great, i keep getting some brillant ideas which is great i have now finishes the front cover for my zine which was hand stitched now i just have to stitch it onto some paper and put the pages together so everything is on track!

i came across these illustrations, i really love the image on the left as it is busy, vibrant and it reminds me of the wheres wally books i used to have, however the image on the right is a bit childlike and it brings down the other image which is quite sad because on its own the left image is very strong, but i am defiantly inspired by the bright colours.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


Please can some one help i need some artists that relate to my work if any one has any ideas please comment on this post

Front cover

this will be my zine/artist book front cover the statue of liberty has been stitched on, i really like the way it has turned out especially when it has taken over 5 hours to sew. however at the moment i am debating weather to sew New York below it!


this is a photocopy of a photo, the reason that it is faded is because i had it raised a bit so the image now looks a bit old and warn. this was a very happy mistake

lamp post in the park

lamp post in the park
photograph edited using sharpie pens


photograph edited using sharpie pens

New York Truck

new york truck
photograph edited using sharpie pens

statue of liberty edit 2

statue of liberty
i have traced over a photo of the statue of liberty but instead of using straight lines i have dotted them

statue of liberty

statue of liberty
photograph edited using sharpie pens

New york policeman

new york police man
photograph edited using sharpie pens on tissue paper

New York Apartments

New York Apartments
photograph edited using sharpie pens

New York

Police motorbikes
photograph edited using sharpie pens

so this is the very beginning of my new project all about america, i have chosen new york as my main focus above is an image of some motor bikes i too when i was on a trip. I printed the photograph off and realised that the ink was running out (hence the green lines) i then started to draw the outline of the bikes and coloured them in before realising it i had created a really strong image


ok so for the past 4 weeks i have been struggling to put this McDonald's project together, so much so that i have been procrastinating and going on walks to draw trees, i mean what is that all about! so i felt as though i needed a new direction as i was sorting out my mac i came across my new york photographs and then it suddenly clicked! I am GOING to do a project all about my experience at new york. i will be creating a zine/artist book using first hand research i.e. my photos and i will be experimenting with different ideas, using different methods and cut and stick.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

mcdonnalds chips

so i have been looking at fast food chains for my america project. I have an idea about making a paper model of a mcdonals to go with my idea about redoing the supersize me poster. I am amazed by the amout of people that have seen supersize me yet they still eat mcdonalds its pretty disgusting

Monday, 14 March 2011

children's book project

we have been given a project to create a children's book. I was asked to create the end pages which are the colourful first pages in a book.

first of all i drew the leaves in indian ink and then scanned them in. i got loads of textures by scanning in the paper i have been collecting these make the image look textured not flat and boring, the colours are really bright and catch the eye of the viewer! i will also be helping with constructing the book we have to make 20 and sell all of them.

here are some of the textures i have gathered together!